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There are many different kinds of liquid filters. Chemical filters are used in instances where solute purification is needed; any equipment that is used to separate constituent materials in a flow of liquid can be referred to as a chemical filter. Strainers and cartridge filters are more commonly used when larger particles should be contained. These and bag filters are among the most popular types of filters and are used in a number of applications. Textile mills, cosmetics, food and chemical processing, refrigeration, automotive, petroleum and oil, paper and pulp, marine, electronic, photographic, printing, medical, waste treatment and pharmaceutical industries all can make use of these and other filter varieties. Biodiesel filters, gas filters, hydraulic filters and coolant filtration are all commonly employed to enable product recycling as well as better mechanical performance. Wet dry filters, though less applicable in many industrial environments, are also used because they offer the unique ability to act as both liquid and air filters, providing enhanced filtration capabilities. Industrial water filters are among the most common liquid filtration utilities. Necessary in virtually every manufacturing plant as well as commercial building, water filtration is essential not only to improved product quality and productivity, but also the health and safety of workers. Small scale reverse osmosis water filters are used in many residential settings as well, ensuring that everyone enjoys clean and clear drinking water.

While the overall purpose of filtration is by definition to remove particulates from a fluid process stream, there are three main goals of liquid filtration. Filters may be used to acquire the suspended materials, clarify the liquid or in many applications, both. To accommodate these differing needs, both cake and clarifying filters are widely available. A filter cake is the solid material removed from a fluid. A cake is formed when large quantities of solute or particulate build up on the intake surface of the filter media. It is easily removed, washed and even sorted. Valuable materials, such as oil or metallic dust, are commonly obtained through liquid filtration and easily recycled or reincorporated into the production process to reduce waste and cut costs. Cartridge and bag filters often provide cake buildup. Strainers and other types of filters, however, are used solely for purification purposes. Because only larger particles are captured, or suspensions with low percentages of solids are being processed, there is no visible buildup on the filter media. Cake filters may be used simply for clarification as well with the cake being disposed of during maintenance. It is important to consider the chemical composition of the solids and solutes present in a liquid sample in order to safely and properly handle or dispose of filter build up.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Precision Filtration Products

Philadelphia, PA | 215-679-6645

Here at Precision Filtration Products, we manufacture and supply all kinds of liquid filtration products and equipment. We offer bag filters, cartridge filters, hydraulic filters, filter carts, and much more. We even offer custom filter manufacturing services to meet your more specific requirements. With a diverse range of filter products and custom manufacturing, we are confident that we have the right solution for your applications! Give us a call or visit our website to see how we can serve you!

Shelco Filters

Middletown, CT | 800-543-5843

With over 40 years of filter manufacturing experience, Shelco Filters is your source for expertly designed and manufactured filtration products. Over our long history, we have continued to utilize state-of-the-art research and development to produce high quality filters that maximize performance and reduce costs. Whether you need a water, petrochemical, chemical, lubricant, or any other liquid filter, we have a solution for you! Call us today to discuss your filtration applications and requirements!

Facet International

Tulsa, OK | 800-223-9910

Regardless of your filtration needs, Facet International has a cost effective solution for you! For more than 75 years, we have designed and manufactured some of the highest quality filters in the industry, and we will find the right filter for your applications. Our high performance filters are offered in many different configurations, including bag filters, cartridge filters, wet/dry filters, hydraulic filters, and many other industrial liquid filters. Contact us today for more information!

Omnipure Filter Company

Caldwell, ID | 800-398-0833

At Omnipure, we have a liquid filter for you! For more than 45 years, we have designed and manufactured innovative, high quality liquid filtration solutions. Our liquid filters offer reliable and cost effective options for industrial and commercial applications. Your success is our priority, so expect exceptional service and products built to last! Give us a call or visit our website to discover our complete offering of filtration products!

Genesis Filtration, Inc.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA | 909-987-4445

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of filtration solutions, Genesis Filtration has all the filter products you need! Our filtration products provide superior performance and are easy to maintain. We specialize in the design and manufacture of miniature woven wire stainless steel mesh filters. When you come to Genesis, you can count on unparalleled customer service and unmatched value. Whatever your filtration needs, we can create the perfect solution for your specifications!

As with the final intention of liquid filtration, there are three main types of filtration products available. Though commonly all-inclusive, the word “filter” actually refers to the housing or holding mechanism of a filtration system. The chemical, mat or barrier that clarifies liquid is the filter media. Liquid filtering products are therefore available in three configurations. Bulk filter media is the material component alone and is commonly bought as replacement or refilling components. Multi-filament mesh, micro-fiber and spun materials are examples of the most popular media configurations. Purchased in larger quantities, these organic and synthetic materials are easily cut to size, shaped and otherwise suited to specific filters. The filters may likewise be purchased separately and are often made of durable materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and thermoplastics. These include cartridges, holders and frames among other designs. These options are preferred for applications that require custom or replaceable components. The third and final product option, however, includes both filter media and filter housing. These come fully assembled for easy installation, use, maintenance and replacement, making them especially popular in domestic environments as well as those that entail frequent replacement or maintenance. Most pre-assembled units are fully disposable. Purchased partially or pre-assembled, all liquid filters operate under the same basic function. A liquid is passed through a semi-permeable or porous substance, the filter media, which allows the liquid molecules to pass through while inhibiting the passage of large particulates and chemicals.

Liquid filters are necessarily diverse as they must accommodate a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications. These devices remove and separate solids, dusts, chemicals and even odors from a given liquid process stream. Application specific system configurations allow consumers to select what compounds will be filtered and to what degree. Micro-filtration systems stop everything larger than 0.1 µm, while ultra-filtration removes particulates as small as 0.001 µm. Particle size is not the only determining factor in filtering system selection. High-flow filtration systems are used for situations that have a high amount of particulate, water count or acid, while low-flow filtration systems are used for the opposite reasons. Bearing filtration systems are able to keep the filtered lubrication oil clean and, in effect, extend the life and effectiveness of the oil while maximizing its performance. Additionally, vacuum dehydration systems use vacuums to move liquid through the liquid filters at a high flow rate. Manufacturers and suppliers can provide helpful insight into the necessary liquid filtration for a specific use. In addition to flow, media material and particle size, consumers should consider the pressure drop, continuous versus batch operation, size, porosity, absorption, ply, stream composition and temperature, load capacity and the efficiency or accuracy of a given liquid filter.

Precision Filtration Products

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