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Paterson, NJ

Established in 1958, General Carbon has spent the last 60 years providing activated carbon filters for an array of applications and specializing in the treatment of contaminated air and water streams. We carry a line of carbon liquid filters for groundwater treatment, heavy metals, and oil, as well as a complete line of activated carbon filtration equipment. We can also design and build custom carbon absorption engineered systems. Our large inventory of activated carbon and activated charcoal is commonly used for the treatment of both air and water applications. Our immediate shipment products include: pelletized, granular, or powdered activated carbon, coconut shell, bituminous coal, lignite coal, wood, acid washed, and re-activated carbon. Orders of all sizes are accepted as we commonly fill bulk orders. Along with our carbon and charcoal inventory, we also carry a line of activated carbon filtration equipment. This includes filters for both air and water applications, pollution control barrels, steel, fiberglass tanks, single and dual bed, manhole filters, and many more. These air filters cover a range of flow rates and include filters of all sizes for odor control and hydrogen sulfide treatment. General Carbon has the ability to design, engineer, and build custom filters and systems for different applications and services. In addition to our other services, we have the ability to service carbon systems on-site on a nationwide basis. This includes the removal and regeneration of the spent carbon and its replacement. Many industries can benefit from our services. Some industries we have served include pulp and paper mills, distilleries, laser engravers, wastewater treatment plants, aquariums, drinking water supplies, and gold mining. Our website provides more information about the type of services we perform. To learn more, visit our website or call General Carbon today!

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