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Liquid filtration is a fairly easy concept to grasp. The object of filtration, in drinking water purification as well as in industrial chemical filtration, is the separation of particles from each other. In the case of drinking water filtration, the process involves passing water through a filter that removes particles from the water. In recent years, the development of inexpensive but effective filtering materials has allowed for the creation of products like the BioSand and LifeStraw filters, which can eliminate close to 100% of harmful contaminants from water sources. Especially in hot climates, water sources can be breeding grounds for water-borne diseases. Also, because industrial regulations tend to be weak and inadequately enforced in underdeveloped countries, the chances that a water source near a mine or factory is contaminated with harmful chemicals can be quite high. Simple filtering systems like the BioSand and LifeStraw filters can be produced at low cost and shipped anywhere in the world; they require little training to operate, and some models can be used for up to an entire year before replacement is necessary. These and other similar products are industry’s contribution to solving one of the world’s most serious health crises.

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